BetChan Casino Bonuses 2021: Maximize Your Benefit is a casino that offers many exciting bonuses to its players, because this really helps encourage people to play the casino. This is a trend for all top casinos, but BetChan is exceptional for offering large and substantial bonuses to its players. It is considered by many to be a casino with the highest payout.

The bonuses are awarded by inputting BetChan promo codes into a window on your account, and this triggers the required bonus. The bonus will credit a specified amount of bonus cash and free spins to your account.

Get a Huge Welcome Bonus Package

The welcome bonus is credited to your newly opened account once you make your first deposit. There is a condition – your deposit has to be over 20 euro in value, otherwise no bonus will be credited. If your deposit is over 20 euro, then you can input the bonus code and your account will receive up to 100% more money. The bonus cash can be played just like regular money, however it cannot be withdrawn until it is turned over a certain amount of times.

There is also a BetChan no deposit bonus credited to all players accounts when they register. It gives you 50 free spins.

BetChan Casino Deposit Bonus

The deposit bonus is triggered by the insertion of a BetChan casino bonus code. The code is usually BERLIN. 

The deposit bonus is credited not only for your first deposit. There is also a bonus for the second, third and fourth deposit. It is this large number of bonuses that makes BetChan so exceptional. Usually casinos credit a bonus only for the first deposit. A few do the second deposit, but only BetChan gives you a bonus for the third and fourth as well.

You will also receive 30 free spins each time you receive a bonus. The free spins can be played in certain slot games on BetChan.

Free BetChan Casino Bonus Codes

There are multiple bonus codes to be used with BetChan. Here is the list of main promo codes to activate your bonuses: 

– The first BetChan promo code is BERLIN, and it triggers the first deposit bonus.
– The second code is OSLO;
– The third deposit is triggered by the code MOSCOW;
– The fourth promo code is PRAHA, which activates the last deposit bonus. 

Don’t forget to deposit every Monday to get the Reload bonus. You can receive a 50% match bonus up to $100 plus 30 extra spins. The code for the Monday reload is AMSTERDAM.

You have to remember that in certain countries some bonuses will not work or will be limited.

More BetChan Casino Codes can be found on the website.

Get all Available BetChan Casino Free Spins

The casino will credit free spins to your account for all the four deposit bonuses you receive. There will be 30 free spins credited each time.

You can spend the BetChan casino free spins at any of the slot games available for this. The casino allows only a few slot games to work with free spins, like Fire and Steel.

BetChan Bonus Cashout Limits

The casino allows you to withdraw winnings of up to 4000 euros per day. However there is a restriction for 8000 euro per week and a third limit, allowing withdrawal of 25000 euro per month. There are no other limits.

  1. Daily limit. The casino allows you to withdraw winnings of up to 4000 euros per day.
  2. Weekly limit. There is a restriction for 8000 euro per week. 
  3. Month limit. Third limit allows players withdrawal of 25000 euro per month.

Unique BetChan Sprints for All Players

The Sprints tournament grants 2020 euro and 2020 free spins to players who participate in it. The 2020 euros and free spins are shared between the best players of the casino. The winners are decided by the amount of money they wager in the casino. The more money you wager, the larger prize will be. So, the earlier you start – the more money you can win. 


BetChan holds many promotional tournaments similar to the above-mentioned Sprint tournament. These tournaments encourage the best players to bet even more by giving out bonus packages to them.

Casino VIP Program

The VIP program includes all the players of the casino. The moment a player registers, he is included on the VIP program. Whenever he bets a sum of money, he is also credited BetChan points. Achieving a new level triggers a payment of bonus cash.

The first level requires 100 points and grants you a modest 5-euro BetChan casino bonus. The 11-level grants you a new Porsche Carrera and requires 2 million points.

BetChan Casino FAQ